Hire Terms & Conditions

1. The Booking Process Please review the T&Cs and complete the booking & agreement form sent via email link. An e - signature is required. This confirms the legally binding contract.This Contract may be modified with agreement from both parties before the commencement of the Event. Where mutually agreed, this Contract may be amended, reissued and signed by both parties and any further payment made before the Event commences.All booking forms must be returned via email containing ALL relevant information to secure booking at the same time as paying the holding deposit. No booking is secured without all forms & payment complete.

2. Payment
A. The booking is secured by paying the holding deposit. Payment of the deposit is payable by the Client within seven (7) days from the date of this Agreement, unless otherwise specified. The remaining balance payment is to be cleared in the Winterborne H&S bank account, no later than thirty (30) days prior to the Event. This will be issued in a final invoice with a damage deposit.B. If the remaining balance payment due to Winterborne H&S has not been received in the specified time above, Winterborne H&S may terminate the Contract without penalty or any compensation to the Client. Winterborne H&S shall be entitled to keep the Client’s Deposit as a form of compensation. Additionally, the Client remains liable for Cancellation Fees as outlined in Clause 5 below.C. If the Deposit has not been received within seven (7) days after issue of the Booking Contract and/or invoice this is perceived as a material breach of this Contract and releases Winterborne H&S from any liability and contractual ties to the Client. However, the Client will still be accountable to Cancellation Fees as specified in Clause 5. D. If, for any reason, the Equipment cannot be collected from the Event venue or returned to the showroom (for example only, robbery, breakage, total destruction, etc.) the Client is liable for the full amount for the remaking or buying of the replacement Equipment, the cost of which will be given after the assessment of the damage or loss. This is in addition to the Client’s loss of the Security Deposit. (see clause 5)

3. Hire Period
A. The standard duration for a weekend hire is 5 days (Inc. Weekends)Thursday - Date of collection (Time to be agreed upon hiring) Monday - Date of return (Time to be agreed upon hiring)B. Non-standard weekend hire periods are charged at £25 per day either side of the standard duration EXAMPLE: Wednesday Collection + Tuesday Return - Additional cost of £50 agreed prior to hiring C. The standard approach for midweek weddings is to agree 2 days either side of the wedding date for collection and return.D. Unplanned delays to collection / return of hired items -

1. £25 will be charged for delays of over 30 minutes to agreed collection or return times. Unless 1 hours prior notice is received. 2. £50 will be charged for returns delayed by 1 hour or more from the agreed return time PLUS an additional £50 for every 24 hour period thereon. 3. Contact phone numbers will be required on our booking form for returning appointments including that of any third party returning items. Any third party returning stock please make them aware of all T&Cs above. 4. Client’s Obligations Unless given express permission by Winterborne H&S Equipment is not available for use by any other persons/company before, during or after the Event.The Equipment will not be set up outdoors, without prior agreement with Winterborne H&S. The Equipment should be protected at all times from strong wind, snow and rain. It is the Client’s sole responsibility and liability to protect the Equipment when used outdoors. The Client will be charged for any damage to the Equipment.Any damage or loss of the Equipment could result in the loss of Client’s Deposit, additional charges, future hire privileges/bookings and if necessary legal action.

5. Cancellation and Cancellation Fees
The Client may cancel this Contract within fourteen (14) days from the booking confirmation and receive a refund of the full Deposit, solely on the condition that no services and/or Equipment have been provided to the Client. Thereafter the fourteen (14) day cooling off period, Clause 5(C) shall apply. If services and/or Equipment have been provided during the fourteen (14) day cooling off period then the costs of providing those services and/or Equipment will be charged to the Client in full.Cancellation by either party is not allowed except where Clause 8 applies or where the Client and Winterborne H&S mutually agree to cancel the booking (evidence must be provided in writing (email to suffice). In either event the Client will forfeit the Deposit.Where the Client has cancelled the booking for reasons other than those outlined in Clause 8 below or Clause 5(A), in addition to the loss of the Deposit, the Client shall pay the Cancellation Fees based on the following:Where cancellation occurs but it is 90 days or more from the Event then 50% of the total remaining balance is due to Winterborne H&S.
Where cancellation occurs within 89 days and up to 61 days of the Event then 75% of the total remaining Booking Fee will be due to Winterborne H&S; orWhere cancellation occurs within 60 days or less of the Event, then 100% of the total remaining Booking Fee will be due to Winterborne H&S. All Client Cancellation Fees must be paid directly to Winterborne H&S within fourteen (14) days of date of invoice. Where Cancellation Fees are not paid within fourteen (14) days of invoice, Winterborne H&S may take legal action and may refer the amount to a debt recovery company. If referred to a debt collection company, the outstanding balance will be subject to the recovery company’s charges. These charges together with interest, all other charges and legal fees will be the responsibility of the Client and will be legally enforceable.The final list of hire items must be agreed 6 weeks prior to the hire date or by arrangement with Winterborne Hire & Styling. We will contact you to arrange a final appointment and to confirm all hire items.After this date the order cannot be reduced by more than 20% of the total value

6. Hire Items / Stock
All items to be returned in packaging supplied. All plastic & card packaging boxes must be returned or will incur a £10 charge per box.Winterborne H&S do not hire candles and insist they are not used with any of our goods unless cleared with Winterborne H&S beforehand. We can supply battery operated LED candles if required.Any runners damaged with candle wax will be chargeable per runner to replacePlease ensure any returnable bespoke signage is suitably wrapped during transportation. Items such as perspex is easily scratched. If returned damaged and unusable for another hire the client will be charged to replace. Fair wear and tear accepted The hirer is responsible for the safe transit of the items..The Client MUST arrive in a suitable vehicle to collect the hired goods. If the client does not know what constitutes a “suitable vehicle” they can call the company in advance to discuss this.Winterborne Hire & Styling will not set up another company’s stock. Winterborne Hire & Styling will set up items supplied by the hirer if agreed in advance.The hired items will be collected at a time agreed in advance with the hirer. An additional charge of up £100 will be made to cover any wait times or packdown services required.ALL hire items MUST be packed suitably into the boxes provided and left in one pre-agreed collection point. An additional charge of up £100 will be made to cover any time spent locating stock not left at agreed collection point

7. Loss or damage
The Customer shall be responsible for the safe custody of the Materials throughout the Display / Hire Period.The Customer should notify Winterborne H&S of any shortages, damages, incorrect deliveries or unacceptable condition of Materials on the Set Up Date.Winterborne H&S shall be entitled to charge Additional Charges for the cleaning, repair or refurbishment of any Materials belonging to Winterborne H&S or hired by Winterborne H&S on behalf of the Customer if the Materials at the end of the Display / Hire Period is found to be in an inferior condition, fair wear and tear accepted, to the condition it was in at the commencement of the Display / Hire Period.A Damage Deposit from the Customer will be taken with final balance. This is fully refunded once all hire stock has be returned / collected & checked for loss and damage.
E. All damage deposits will be returned in full within 5-10 working days after the event if no damage or loss has occurred. Any unclaimed deposits will be lost after 12 months.

8. Use of Alternative Equipment
A. On rare occasion, Winterborne H&S may have to substitute an item of Equipment due to it developing a fault or damage before the Event. Winterborne will replace the Equipment to the best of its ability like-for-like and inform client but any substitution does not constitute grounds for cancellation or termination of this Contract or compensation to the Client.

9. Force Majeure

No party shall be liable to the other for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is as a result of a Force Majeure event including but not limited to; an “Acts of God” (including but not limited to; fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, strong winds or other natural disaster), war, terrorist activities, epidemic, pandemic, local or national lockdown, accident, civil commotion, or order of Government or Local Authority.
Any party asserting Force Majeure so as to negate liability shall have the burden of proving it and justifying that they took preventative action, wherever possible, to counteract the circumstance. If successfully proven, then the Cancellation Fees outlined shall be waivered however, the Deposit will be forfeited.

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